San Francisco, CA: First public statement by “Brick” from jail


San Francisco, CA: First public statement by “Brick” from jail
Posted on July 31, 2012 by Gabriella Segata Antolini


Several of us in San Francisco have been supporting Jesse ‘Brick’ Nesbitt since his arrest on May Day. Jesse is an anarchist comrade who has been demonized by the police and media and all but abandoned by the ‘activist community’ of San Francisco because of the audacious nature of the actions he is alleged to have committed in defense of the SF Commune occupation on May first. He has been incarcerated for three months and is currently being imprisoned in San Bruno while awaiting trial. As a part of his small and very informal support team, we have agreed to help him circulate public statements to other anarchists and occupiers while he is locked up. In this process we have encountered some problems, as his statements and letters seem to disappear or arrive irregularly. We will continue to publish his words as we receive them, because breaking the silence and isolation imposed by the prison system is a crucial act of solidarity in the face of repression. Here is a first statement from Jesse. He would love more letters and can be written at the address below.

In solidarity,

some anarchists in San Francisco.

Jesse Nesbitt #20668440
PO Box 67
San Bruno, CA 94066


I have realized that the march on April 30th in San Francisco’s Mission district was the best action that the city has seen in a few years. We need more actions like that march. One incident was more significant than anything else that happened that night. That is when the Police Station was destroyed. That showed the San Francisco Police Department that we will not stand for their oppression of the population of this city.

We need comrades to start organizing more anti-police marches. The model that Occupy Oakland has show has been successful and should work on a National scale with some proper coordination. There are enough of us and we have the network in place, let’s take advantage of it.

I’ve heard about other recent actions against the police. I tip my hat to all of you in respect. I wish I was there to participate, but was not able to join you physically. I hope these actions are just the beginning.

We need to show the police departments that we are not afraid of them.

Jesse ‘Brick’ Nesbitt


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