Summary of some Bay Area actions in solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters

Round up of solidarity actions in the Bay for comrades in Seattle, Olympia & Portland facing a federal grand jury investigating anarchist activity on May 1. We are inspired by your actions, your conviction and your continued refusal to submit. Stay silent! Stay strong! Spread the social war!
*compiled from indybay and facebook

• Oakland Banner Drop:
Statement from Oakland:

On the early morning hours of July 31st we set out to show our friends that they are not alone. Friends don’t let friends talk to the FBI. That was our slogan we painted on some cloth and hung above the West Oakland 980 freeway headed inbound towards town. Our gestures whether large or small are what help to manifest ourselves as the social force we are capable of. Through all the witch hunts our rage still burns and our hearts still beat as we fight for another day of fighting.

If we cannot speak of joy in these dark times, let us speak of the consequences of our relationships, every proud action we take helps our efforts come to fruition.

Death to Grand Juries and to those who are responsible for their function.
Total freedom for all us prisoners.

• Attack on SFPD Vehicles in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors:

In the early hours of August 2nd, tires were slashed and windows were etched on eight San Francisco Police Department cruisers and one San Francisco Sheriff’s van while they sat in a maintenance yard.

Greetings of solidarity and complicity to those resisting the grand jury in the Pacific Northwest. In whatever way you choose to resist state repression, we will act to spread and strengthen your struggle.

We also extend this action to comrades facing repression in the midwest: St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland.

For the silent ones.
For the social war.

• San Francisco Banner Drop:

Statement from SF:

Yesterday, July 31st, we dropped a banner in downtown San Francisco saying, “Puget Sound: Keep quiet, stay strong. love, the Bay”.

This is a small gesture of solidarity for those who are resisting the grand jury in the Northwest. Our hearts are with you.

with love,
some bay area anarchists

P.S. We were happy to read that Leah and Dennis made a statement of non-cooperation. It’s a good precedent to set… keep it up!

• Message in the window of the Holdout social center in Oakland:

Communique: Oakland attack on OPD vehicles in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters 

Before dawn on August 2, 2012, we covered the windows and windshields of 2 unmarked Oakland Police Department vehicles with glass etching fluid, as well as slashing all the tires of one of the cars. We also covered the door and 5 windows of the nearby OPD recruitment center with etching fluid. The windows of the recruitment center had boards behind them due to being attacked when the Oakland Commune encampment still existed, but the glass was still accessible. These targets are located at the North end of Oscar Grant Plaza, where the Oakland Commune materialized last year.

We did this to coincide with the first day of the grand jury in Seattle, and to continue our struggle against the forces of the State and Capital at home. Even when overt social conflict seems minimal, there are always targets lying in wait. (Also, who needs a reason or something to react to….fuck ’em!)

For the destruction of this prison society. May the spirit of revolt spread, from Anaheim to the Bay to the Northwest.
For the silent ones.


source: Bay of Rage and Indybay

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  1. Denver ABC says:

    Hey y’all!! Been trying to get at you… Deadline for registration for the conference we’re hosting in October is this Friday! Get at us if you think you’re gonna head on out!

    • Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross says:

      We still haven’t gotten over the problems that might happen when a group gets together, but we do have a couple of people who may be coming over.

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